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Products Overview

Adhesive Evaluation Systems, Inc. (AES) provides instrumentation and analysis to quantify and optimize adhesion sequencing in diverse industrial and bio-medical fields. A principal focus is how adhesives bonds develop strength within products as they are manufactured. This enables our clients to:

  • Optimize adhesion in space and time as diverse products are made.
  • Learn how fast adhesives develop strength as a function of temperature
  • Provide key tools for adhesive design and refinement

The speed with which adhesives develop strength critically influences manufacturing efficiency, energy consumption and product performance in many industrial and bio-medical applications. This includes the consolidation of composite materials and engineering components in construction, aerospace, automotive, MEMS, bio-medical, and craft/DIY sectors. Tailoring adhesive formulations to specific manufacturing parameters is a key challenge of adhesive manufacturers. AES is dedicated to providing instrumentation and analysis to address adhesion dynamics for diverse adhesive types and applications. We address the role of adhesion at the interface between material properties and process variables.