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Test Formats and Functions

Some example test formats

  • Thin sample lap-shear.
  • Thick sample RF heated lap-shear
  • Engineering component parts
  • MEMS component parts
  • Ceramics and mineral tab shear
  • Interpenetrating fiber networks
  • Strands and fibers
  • Melt/penetration/solidification of “hot melts”
  • Bone and tooth bonding dynamics

Some test parameters

  • Isothermal strength development
  • Strength maxima with forming history
  • Thermal damage rates with temperature
  • Open assembly time effects
  • Adhesive spread rate effects
  • Dynamic pressing pressure effects
  • Reactant injection effects
  • Anisotropic orientation effects
  • Adherend surface chemical and topological effects
  • Load rate effects, and creep behavior
  • Elastomeric load-shear strain characterization with temperature
  • Thermal property evaluation (including Tg) with cure