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We welcome inquiries from diverse industries. Below are listed some sectors for which our instrumentation and analysis is applicable.

Structural fiber composite consolidation processes

  • Wind generator rotor consolidation
  • Air frame component consolidation
  • Bio-composite hot pressing
  • Sporting good consolidation

Laminated product formation

  • Musical instrument manufacture
  • Boatbuilding lamination
  • Wood veneer panels and LVL
  • Structural laminated beams

Sub-assembly bonding

  • MEMS
  • Optical components
  • Bio-medical components
  • Musical instrument components
  • DIY and home uses

Adhesive design and optimization

  • Phenolics (PF, PRF)
  • Amino resins (UF, MUF)
  • Urethanes
  • PMDI
  • Epoxies
  • Starch-based adhesives
  • Hot melt and activated hot melt adhesives