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About AES

Adhesive Evaluation Systems, Inc. is based in Corvallis, Oregon. Our team of scientists, fabricators and software specialists is led by founder, Dr. Philip Humphrey. We are housed in our town’s historic Benton County Bank building and share the premises with Lucidyne Inc. – an industry-leading process control and machine-vision company. AES grew out of the founder’s research leadership while a longtime professor at Oregon State University, and prior positions at BP Research and University of Cambridge in England. Our focus on adhesion dynamics evolved from our broadly based analysis and deterministic simulation of the mechanisms operative within bio-based composite products during their heated consolidation. Automated Bonding Evaluation Systems (ABES) instruments have been installed in the laboratories of diverse companies and institutes in four continents.

From this foundation, our interests in adhesion have expanded to a range of industrial sectors. An underlying philosophy of our company is to address the conditions to which adhesives are exposed and provide instrumentation and analytical tools to quantify the adhesive’s time-based physical response. This is with a view to aiding in optimization of adhesive formulation and catalysis and providing tools to aid in tailoring substrate-adhesive interactions to specific production situations.

Our Mission

To provide instrumentation, analytical tools and expertise which enables the role of adhesion dynamics in the formation of diverse products and materials to be quantified — to help our clients optimize product manufacturing efficiency, improve product performance and aid in adhesive, product and process development.