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Transducer Interchangeability

Load, displacement and pressure transducer interchangeability

The ABES platform may be configured for a wide range of sample types and pressing and testing configurations and scales. The system has provision for interchanging transducers used for bond strength measurement and head displacement monitoring. Fluid pressure transducers may also be interfaced when accessories for dynamic fluid injection and monitoring around sealed bonds are installed.

The standard instrument includes load transducers of 2.5kN (500lbf) and 125N (25lbf) capacity (2.5N and .5N resolution). The latter may be used to explore low-force characteristics such capillary forces (tack) of adhesive-adherend combinations as well as testing the elastic modulus and incremental bond strength of agro-strands and the like. In contrast, when the standard transducer is mounted for most normal testing, adhesion characteristics of full-sized bonds may be explored up to full cure (in excess of 11MPa on a 100mm2 bond).

A range of extensometers, load transducers and pressure transducers are available from the manufacturer to be mounted on the platform. The ABES control software is configured for interfacing with these. Refer to information on the special small scale accessory for affecting extreme sensitivity of the instrument.