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Micro-Bond Testing

Small scale bond formation and testing installation

This accessory enables the ABES concept to be extended to a very small scale. The miniature apparatus mounts on the ABES platform and enables bond strength development and failure mechanisms between variously formed small samples, including certain types of fiber, strands and engineering components to be evaluated. Pneumatically activated and software controlled short-span grips have interchangeable anvils in order to accommodate samples of specific shape and hardness, such as MEMS and biomedical components, fibers and strands.

A range of high precision load transducers with zero friction support may be selected (with resolutions of 0.01N). The ABES control software is configured for such transducer interchange. In this way, load versus bond span deformation may be logged up to bond failure. The system may also be used to evaluate the elastic and yield properties of materials. Close proximity radiant heating and dynamic forced air cooling functions of the ABES instrument may also be applied.

Miniature internally adjustable spring-loaded and calibrated pressing anvils may be used to apply heat and compressive force for bond formation. These mount onto the standard ABES pressing heads to enable heat and force to be precisely applied to very small areas for bond formation and material compression. Heads of 2.5mm diameter are standard, but they are interchangeable, and specialized profiles to accommodate specific sample shapes can be manufactured to order.