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Griping & Enclosure

Gripping head anvils

The gripping heads include dovetail slide-in floating anvils which are instantly interchangeable. They include stainless steel and alloy options with a precision machined rhomboidal pattern and also diamond impregnated ones for gripping very hard surfaces. Stainless steel is standard.

Anvils for special applications may be also be designed and manufactured to order. This includes fixtures for retaining electronic and MEMS components of complex shape. The computer controlled pneumatic gripping actuators of ABES are force adjustable to maximize retention while avoiding damage to fragile materials and components.

Hinged venting enclosure and retractable feet

The purpose-designed hinged enclosure protects the instrument but also enables toxic reactants to be managed during use. It includes a fan assisted extraction port (internally powered) to maintain a small negative pressure around the ABES platform (linking to a user supplied exhaust via an umbilical), along with transparent sliding access door for sample insertion and removal.

Spring loaded retractable feet on the instrument enable it to be operated in vertical orientation which facilitates diverse testing formats, including the evaluation of powdered and free-standing intermediate bond components.