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Adhesive Application

Miniature precision adhesive application accessories

A miniature liquid application system with electronic dosing has been developed specially for ABES. This enables adhesives and other liquid chemicals to be accurately and quickly metered onto small bonding surfaces and can affect spread rates from as low as 2 grams/m2 up to full saturation. Adhesive is held airtight immediately prior to application by atomization.

Precision adjustment of air pressure and the juxtaposition of air and adhesive nozzles provides some control of droplet size. High viscosity adhesives which may not be atomized may be applied using a contact printing accessory which employs laser-drilled foils of specified thickness, spacing and diameter, adhesive reservoir and transfer mechanism. Further, a miniature sonic device to meter powdered adhesives onto adherend surfaces is also available; ABES may be configured vertically for such tests (it has retractable feet).